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Next to an extensive Anti-Age Hand Care range, ProNails adds a matching nail care range making natural nails stronger, healthier and more beautiful. A beautiful, strong and healthy natural nail is the essence of a perfect manicure. Especially if you have brittle and weak nails it’s important to care for them a little more.

Regular caring and the right nourishing products will help you cure your nails and it will also make them stronger and allow them to grow faster. It’s extremely important to pay extra attention to the cuticles and the area around the nail. Underneath lies the matrix where the nail is formed. This is the area you should focus on to improve your nails' health.


The Nail Fungus Protector prevents and cures nail fungus. This ultra-efficient spray contains clotrimazol to cure the fungus, and panthenol to help repair split and discoloured nails to give them their healthy shine back. Thanks to a handy spray cap you target the infected area specifically and hygienically.

  • Cures and prevents nail fungus
  • Contains panthenol to nourish and repair split nails
  • Repairs the natural shine of the nails
  • Hygienic spray cap & packaging with cosmetic look

>> HOW TO USE IT: Shake well before use. Buff the nail plate softly so the product can penetrate well. Spray from a distance of 3cm on to the infected zone without touching it and let it dry.


From now on each client can benefit from this mini cuticle oil in a convenient on-the-go packaging. It contains the same nourishing and effective cuticle treatment there is, but in a tube with a brush.

  • For beautiful, healthy and strong nails, take extra care of cuticles and the area around the nails.
  • The ideal, rich treatment to cure and nourish cuticles.
  • Packed with rejuvenating anti-oxidants & vitamins. It also contains the most nourishing and skin calming ingredients, such as almond oil, wheat germ oil, macadamia oil and laurel oil.

>> HOW TO USE IT: Push the tube gently and apply Vitamina oil to each cuticle using the brush. A little goes a long way! Massage the oil into the cuticles. Repeat as many times as you want!

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