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Masterfile vs Clinifile

Masterfile vs Clinifile

Op 18 12 2017 in


Switch from CliniFile to Master File

As a former Clinifile user , this blog will guide you in choosing the right Master File to suit all your filing needs. 
When choosing the right file their are two important things you need to consider: The Grid of the file and the shape of the file. These two together will determine how the file should be used.

Clinifiles differ from Master files in both colour, grit and shape. So if you want to switch form a clinifile to a Master file you need to look beyond the colour.

Clinifiles were single and double grid files. All Master files are Single Grit files, this means you can use both sides of the file for the same purpose untill the file is fully used up. 


Download the PDF clinifile vs Master file

Watch the video clinifile vs Master file and learn which file you should choose.





The Masterfiles exist in 3 different shapes

The straight shape is used to file the free edge of the nail to obtain the desired lenght and shape. This file is never used on top of the nail.

To shape surface of the nail you need to use a banana shape. You can easily shape your builder gel on top of the nail.

The half moon shape is a combination of the straight file and the banana file. You use the straight side to shorten and shape the free edge of the nail and simply flip the file over to the round side to shape the surface of the nail.


The Master files comes in 4 Grits

  • The 240/240 Grit is the softest file and ideal to file the free edge of the natural nail.
  • The 180/180 Grit is a medium soft file ideal for applying the finishing touch to perfect the shape.
  • The 100/100 Grit is ideal for fast & easy removal of gel nails.very efficient for shortening and shping gel nails.
  • The 80/80 Grit is the coarsest/youghest file and perfect to remove, shorten and shape very hard surfaces.

Watch the video and choose the right Master Files.

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