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Jingle bells! Jingle bells!

Op 17 11 2017 in


Are you too the kind of person who starts getting excited in October already about putting up the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate on a cosy Christmas market and inhaling the scent of pine needles and cinnamon everywhere?

Then we are pretty sure that you are already working full out on a new look for your salon and for great nails for your customers! And we want to let you in on a secret, here at ProNails we are also completely in Christmas spirit, because we’ve brought together some wonderful ideas to complete your selection of Christmas looks. Forget all about the usual green Christmas trees and red-and-white-striped candy canes: we think you will want to choose something more stylish.


Put your clients into the right mood straight away:
bring that Christmas spirit into your salon!

Here’s how. To begin with, your salon should look truly festive by December. That way not only have you created a cosy ambiance, but you can also put your customers into the right mood for a stunning party look. Your agenda is no doubt a bit more crowded these days, but when you step into your new cosy Christmas salon, you’ll find that ‘working’ is not a chore at all, but a real pleasure.



1.Putting up Christmas lights in your window will already do a lot to help you stand out in the dark streets. And make them extra stylish: a bright red window will perhaps not draw the attention you are looking for! 

2.Do you prefer to do it yourself? ProNails has created some fantastic end-of-year posters. Just pop in for an immediate wow factor!

3.The gorgeous smell of a real fir tree at Christmas – the true essence of December. But, you may be a bit worried about all the cleaning up that comes with it. The solution: just invest in a good-quality artificial Christmas tree - you’ll be able to use it year in year out – with no mess at all. You can easily decorate it with some tubes with Deep Defense Hand Serum inside – just one idea for an ideal gift for your customers – and a great way to help them discover this great product.

4.And, if you can arrange it, a nice hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine would also go down very nicely. Maybe there is a special fair in your street over the Christmas period? The ideal way to boost your sales and attract new customers!


Partyproof with perfect matching nails!

No outfit is complete without the right colour and nail art on your nails – and as a nail stylist, no one knows this better than you.  Make sure that you have something that’s just perfect for all tastes. And trust us; we have done everything we can to make sure that all your customers can “shine”!


1.THE winter colours this year are Baby It’s Cold Outside for those who love soft pink, Mistletoe Magic for a funky grey-green and Cinnamon Cravings for fans of warm colours. The only problem will be making a choice!


2.Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! There is no season like Christmas for nails that that glitter and glow. Go for the Nail Confetti Twinkle or choose a few Nail Jewel Appliques Frosted Sparks and create a completely unique look. Or go one step further and combine both of them!



3.Thanks to the new Stamping Plate Warm Wishes you can apply beautiful Christmas leaves, snowflakes and swirls on nails in an instant.


4.Would you like to add something extra to a Sopolish application? Well, that’s no problem at all thanks to the subtle Champagne For Breakfast glitter top coat! (And by the way, it’s also available in a gellak version!)


5.Have you thought about creating a gift shop! Can you think of anyone who would not like to receive a lovely gift set containing a hand care treatment and/or a nail polish? Prepare a few attractive parcels and help your customers with their last-minute Christmas shopping. It’s a win-win situation! 



Happy holidays!

And don’t forget to share your nail creations or photos of your salon with us and your followers via social media! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram!

Are you looking for a special way to wish your customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year? We have already prepared a selection of social media posts that you can use for your customers!

Download them here!



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