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Matt Nail Finisher

Matt nails are hot!

Op 23 06 2017 in


A super trendy nail look that adds an extra special touch to all coloured nails? How about a matt, velvety soft finish – applied to nail polish, semi-permanent nail polish or gel nails! And now that ProNails has come up with the solution to all these options, #mattnails will really start trending on Instagram – just wait and see!


You have probably already received requests from your customers for matt nails. They take their inspiration from beauty magazines where you can see this matt look for nails all the time lately. But until today, the number of good effective solutions for achieving this look were far and few. Or the matt aspect didn’t last very long, or the products were rather limited in the range of applications. Thanks to the new ProNails solutions you can produce perfect matt nails for all your customers. Discover the latest highly effective Xtreme Matt Finishing Gel, Sopolish Matt and LongWear Matt.


Matt gel nails in an instant

The Xtreme matt finishing gel is a protective top layer that is compatible with all ProNails gels. This topcoat produces a stunning result on all colour gels. Thanks to the simple brush-on application you can create a long-lasting matt look very rapidly that will resist scratches and that doesn’t turn yellow.

You also save time because you don’t have to remove the sticky layer after application. You can harden it under LED lamps (1 minute) and UV-LED or UV (2 minutes). What are you waiting for?




Matt semi-permanent nail polish? The perfect combination

We also have the solution for your Sopolish customers. Thanks to Sopolish Matt you can apply a long-lasting matt, velvet finish over each Sopolish colour immediately thanks to the simple brush-on application. And because this topcoat does not discoloured it makes the perfect complement. Your colours will look immediately different.




Matt nails for everyone

For people who like to change their nail colours regularly we now have LongWear Matt: the new protective topcoat for your LongWear coloured nail polishes. Leave your nail polish to dry for 2 minutes before applying LongWear Matt and enjoy your manicure for twice as long. Instant matt effect that doesn’t discolour!




How to combine matt nails?

A totally matt look is very special and looks fantastic when used with dark colours. Do you want to convince your customer to go for this new trend? Then just start by making one or two nails matt. The combination with glitters or metallics also produces amazing results. You can just experiment a bit. 

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