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LongWear Nail Polish

New: LongWear Nail Polish

Op 11 10 2016 in


Beautiful nails that lasts twice as long as any regular nail polish.

A perfect shine for up to ten days

Do you demand only the very best beauty products? You are right. With LongWear Colourfix Technology you will break all the records for durability. This unique nail polish is guaranteed to stay in perfect condition twice as long as any other classic nail polish.

Yet another great innovation from ProNails. In ten to twenty minutes, you will have a stunning and durable result that will retain their perfect appearance for more than a week.


The secret?

After applying LongWear Start, Colour and Finish they blend together into a strong, supple layer that has a hitherto unknown covering and bonding capacity. The products dry automatically so you don’t need a UV or LED light.


The perfect little brush

LongWear guarantees your salon quality in three simple steps. We have designed the perfect little brush so that everyone can polish their nails professionally. It is flat, round and spreads out when you use it. Deliciously practical and speedy.


One, two, three. Yes!

Step one: protect your nails against discolouring with LongWear Start. This immediately ensures optimal bonding and prevents bits of nail polish breaking off. Your guarantee of longer durability.

Step two: choose a funky trendy colour or a timeless shade. Just two thin layers will give you the perfect cover. The product is a little thicker than nail polish, but don’t let yourself be tempted to do it with just one layer.

Step three: after two minutes – and no sooner – apply LongWear Finish to fix the nail polish. Admire the deep colour and beautiful sheen that will last from seven to ten days, depending on your nail type and the type of activities you carry out.


Watch the ‘how-to’ video.


A wide range of beautiful colours

Empire Of The Sun, Geisha Garden, Evening Orchid, Melted Marsh-mellow, Show Some Skin, Red Canapé ... A brand new range with fifteen dazzling autumn and winter colours and six bewitching shades of red.

Fast and easy to remove with non-acetone nail polish remover. What’s more, LongWear Colourfix Technology contains no harmful substances, it is not tested on animals and will keep for twelve months. .

Whatever colour you choose, you will be going for gold when you opt for LongWear. A professional, sophisticated result that is also amazingly uncomplicated. Next season we will have a another surprising collection of trendy colours.



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